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The College Essay

I've been helping students craft great college essays since 2004. These 10 steps are the best I've found to help you write your masterpiece.

Step 1: The Better You

What follows is a system that has worked well for many of my past AP students. My first goal is to have you get to know yourself a bit better.

First, close your eyes and calm your mind.

Think about what makes you really happy. (I mean joyful, not giddy.) What things or actions make you feel most like the best version of yourself that you know? What sorts of activities make your feel most alive? If you could do anything for the rest of your life, what would that be.

Now you will make two lists. For the first list, make a top-ten list of favorite activities. Post your list on this page, write it down, or message me. Like this post when you have finished this step.

For the second list, name three things that make you a worse version of yourself. Don't send me this list. Just send the good list. Burn the second list and avoid these actions in the future.