Recent Testimonials

This was an amazing experience that really helped my understanding of what kind of college I want to attend.

The exposure to college life was a valuable experience. One gains confidence and enlightenment in terms of future decision making.

It was fun, educational, and entertaining.

This has made me super excited for college! I'm glad I took this opportunity...

The sightseeing was great!

If I had the chance to do it again, I would!

Very informational and helpful!

Fun and educational…nice to see how each college looked [in person].

Fun and adventurous!

A great experience that has gotten me to look forward to college.

I loved it!

Past Testimonials

Neil S. (CSUN):

I went on both of the College Trips during my senior year, going to Southern California before applications were due and going to Northern California after I had accepted attendance to UC Irvine. Going to Southern California, I was unsure of which college I wanted to go to. The College Trip showed me Pepperdine, the college I thought I was going to, and I decided that Pepperdine wasn't my fit. I went on the Northern California trip afterwards because I had such a good time with Mr. Cantrell and my peers that I was more than willing to go again. Because of the College Trip, I decided to change my decision and I am absolutely pleased with my decision.

Arlen P. (CSUC):

Attending a college campus tour was the most essential part of my college selection process. You cannot make a sound choice in where you are going to spend the next four years of your life unless you take a trip like the ones offered at, and actually visit the university and the town you are interested in.

Kyleigh De P. (UCLA):

I had always been excited about going to college, however, i never really understood the difference between high school life and college life until I went on this college trip. Seeing the campuses buzzing with student life convinced me that my effort and hard work in high school was for a real purpose. It helped to refresh my mind about putting the work in now ( during high school) so I could experience something amazing at a school I had always dreamt of going. Not many kids get the opportunity to visit their college of choice before they attend, and for a small price, this program can change your future, give you a boost of motivation, and leave you with memories you'll never forget.

Nick Van W. (U of Washington):

The college trip was my first experience that truly showed me the world that existed beyond High School. I had always assumed I would be going to college - but until the trip I took at the end of my Junior year, I hadn't actually put any thought into where I wanted to go at all. The college trip was my gateway to higher education, without it I would have never truly realized the potential and possibilities that I have.

It's an awesome experience to see the college in person, very different from viewing it via internet...This trip made me fall in love with UCSD...

Tyrian W (Fordham University):

I went on two separate trips--one to campuses up north and one to some down south. I absolutely loved them and would have gone again just for the experience if my schedule had permitted. I also know of people who had no desire to go to college until going on these trips and realizing that college was clearly worth experiencing. I'd also say the trips solidified my interest in attending a good college. I could see a clear difference in the atmospheres of certain colleges as compared to others. Also, whether or not I applied to some schools was pretty much entirely dependent on my experience visiting the school. Which says a lot about how much one might want to attend a school before visiting it and change his or her mind after actually seeing it for themselves.

Louis M (Cuesta College):

I went on the college trip that toured the northern campuses. Not only was it an unforgettable and enriching experience, but it was an eye-opening one in which I got a glimpse into the life of a college student and the grandeur of a university -- not just in its size, but also its academics.

Madison B (The U. of Alabama):

Although I didn't end up going to a school we visited, the college tour helped me figure out what kind of school I wanted to go to--large or small, public or private, etc. Those are the sort of qualities you can't know whether you want unless you experience them. And the Cantrell-led college tours give you insights into schools that you won't get if you just go with your parents or whatever- you meet alumni, hear about inside info, and have a great time doing it.

Luis M (UCSB):

The college trip I went on during my sophomore year, was what allowed me to find a college that I felt a personal connection to. When we visited UCSB I immediately felt that I was at home, and that I would do whatever it would take to attend UCSB. I am now currently a second year at UCSB and I owe it to the college trips for giving me the opportunity to find the university that was right for me.

Alicia C (Arizona State U):

Before the college tours, I thought I could simply pick a college based on its website. I went on the North campus tour as a sophomore because the Stanford site looked impressive and I wanted to go to an Ivy League school. The minute I arrived at the campus, I knew Stanford was not the place for me, and neither were the other schools we saw. I realized how important it was to actually visit the campus rather than just looking at pictures online. You can't feel a college's atmosphere through a computer screen; you have to experience it. Senior year, I decided that I would visit the two main schools I was interested in. Touring those schools helped determine my final college decision.

Remarkably--though we conclude our tours with a survey--College Trips has never received a single negative evaluation. Most are enthusiastically positive. Here's what some recent travelers have had to say about us:

The trip was spectacular; it provided me the information I needed, while [being] as comfortable and fun as possible.

[The tour] really helped me realize what I'm looking for in a college.

I loved the trip.

Well organized and great accommodations....

I learned great things and still had fun.

I like this trip because it made me realize what I have to do to achieve my dreams and what makes me happy.

The trip was wonderfully informative....

It's an awesome experience to see the college in person. This trip made me fall in love with UCSD.

I didn't expect [the tourist excursion]. It was awesome.

This was a really excellent trip. It made me realize what I kind of colleges I want to apply to.

I really enjoyed this trip.

It was awesome. [It] helped me figure out my ideal college.

The only problem is that I don't want this trip to end.